Meringue Kiss Baking Kit

It’s finally here… the Meringue Girls baking kit! Our super cute gift box comes with everything you need to make delicious meringues at home. It’s perfect for home bakers, anyone who fancies upping their baking game with a new skill or just if you need to make a big batch of meringues for a party or event.
Allergens: Eggs

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Our baking kit contains the ingredients for approximately 150 meringue kisses that you can gift, add to party bags, use to decorate cakes or just pop in your mouth when you need a sweet treat… you name it!

Detailed instructions, plus pitfalls to look out for and our hints and tips are all included to give you the confidence to make meringues time and again.

Start your meringue making journey by learning how to bake two batches of meringue. We’ll teach you how to add bright colour to your kisses, add flavour and how to pipe our signature kiss shape – we’ve even included a parchment template for you. Your kit comes with freeze-dried raspberry powder for the pink kisses and a delicious dark cocoa powder for a chocolate hit too.
Kit Includes: - 1kg caster sugar
- 500g Two Chicks egg whites
- Natural pink colouring (E120 carmine)
- Cocoa powder
- Raspberry powder
- 4 x compostable piping bags
- Cream of tartar
- Paintbrush
- Piping template

All ingredients including the free-range egg whites are happily stored at room temperature – you will have at least 2 weeks of shelf life remaining on your eggs – plenty of time to plan a baking session!