Crispy Chicken in Sweet N Spicy Negi Sauce

For 2 people You could even say that this is our signature dish! You'll see we've been championing this dish on social media since we first started out. Our homemade sweet n spicy negi (spring onion) sauce is just so delicious. It's what friends often ask us to cook when making special requests! The perfect unctuous sauce is sticky and sweet but with a kick from the chilli's and perfect poured over juicy crispy chicken thighs.
Allergens: Soybeans, Sesame, Gluten

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Kit Includes: - 2 chicken thighs per person
- 100ml of negi sauce x 2
- Premium Akitakomachi rice
- Wakame miso soup per person
- Pickles: Sakurazuke (turnip) & Kyurizuke (cucumber)

Oil is NOT provided.
All the fresh ingredients are high quality and have been sourced from Japan, Billingsgate Fish Market, Smithfields Meat Market and New Covent Garden Market.

Storage: 2 days (Saturday evening). Please refrigerate all the fresh ingredients.