Tagliatelle with Truffle Butter

Inspired by one of our restaurant dishes, this pasta kit combines Tagliatelle, long narrow ribbon pasta, with creamy truffle butter and fresh parsley to create a simple and quick, yet incredibly indulgent, a dish perfect for 1 or 2 people.
Allergens: Gluten, Milk, Sulphur

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Kit Includes: Fresh Tagliatelle (130g for 1 portion or 260g for 2 portions)
Homemade Truffle Butter (30gr for 1 portion or 60gr for 2 portions)
Grated Grana Padano*

*Note that Grana Padano contains animal rennet and therefore isn't fully vegetarian. If you'd like us to replace the Grana Padano for a 100% vegetarian hard cheese alternative, please let us know in the order comments at checkout.

Storage: Keep refrigerated and consume by the use-by date.
Pasta and sauces can be frozen for up to 3 months. Cook pasta straight from frozen and add 1 – 2 minutes to the cooking time. Defrost sauce thoroughly before using then reheat according to cooking instructions.
Bring a pan of generously salted water to the boil. Once boiling, reduce to medium simmer. Add Tagliatelle and cook for 2 – 3 mins until slightly al dente.
Melt the truffle butter on low heat in a separate pan until heated through. Add the cooked pasta. Toss together until sauce coats the pasta. Spoon onto a plate and finish with grated Grana Padano and fresh Parsley.
Tagliatelle (Flour, Semolina, Pasteurised Eggs), Truffle butter (Butter, Salt, Black truffle paste, Truffle oil, White truffle paste), Grana Padano, Parsley