Prosciutto Crudo (18-Months Matured Cured Ham), 150g

Prosciutto is the most iconic and the most sought-after of Italy’s charcuterie. Full-bodied and silky-textured, Prosciutto should be sliced wafer-thin, served at room temperature, and almost melt upon the tongue. The Salumificio la Rocca is recognised as one of the most attentive custodians of the Emiliana pork-butchers’ tradition for the production of Salumi Piacentini. We have been working with them for years and have visited them many times to learn more about their techniques. Perfect for a salumi platter or a classic antipasto alongside some good bread and Italian cheese. Alternatively, you could pair with ripe figs, melon or asparagus. Its beautiful savoury characteristics match well with crisp white wines or light reds.

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